Black Gaffers Tape 3 Pack

UPC 850000235427

- 3 Rolls of 2 Inch x 30 Yards High Quality Gaffers Tape - Total of 90 Yards!
- No Residue
- Tear-By-Hand Technology
- Durable
- Made of Nonreflective, Waterproof, Matte Fabric
- All Around Strong Adhesion Tape
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Product Applications:
Our black tape is used to stick down cables at church, wedding venues, concerts, nightclubs, film sets, on podiums and more. Stay safe and prevent tripping by properly securing loose cables and wires on the floor. This camera tape can be used in attaching a special filter to your camera, conceal audio or video production wires, mark crosshairs on stage for actors. Use this wall tape to hang pictures and peel them off easily. Lockport Bulk Pack of Gaffer tape is ideal for photographers, stage managers, producers, DJ’s, musicians, teachers, and event planners!


Waterproof, No-residue, Non-reflective , Easy Tear Gaff Tape

This multi pack comes in bulk with 3 rolls at an affordable price: amazing value for money! This set will provide you with 3 rolls of strong, residue–free adhesive tape which are water–resistant and non–reflective. Our gaffers tape blends well in the background because it is made of non-reflective matte fabric and it’s waterproof. Lockport’s black tape sticks well on most surfaces without leaving any sticky mess when removed. This gaff tape is easy to use because of its tear–by–hand technology, it rips nicely without the need for scissors! Each roll measures 2 inch x 30 yards which is a total of 90 yards in each package. All these features make our spike tape great for securing cables, taping down a tarp, hanging up posters and artwork, for rigging, staging, photoshoots and more!