Silver Duct Tape 5 Pack

UPC 850000235465

- 5 Rolls of 2 Inch x 30 Yards High Quality Silver Duct Tape - Total of 150 Yards!
- No Residue
- Tear-By-Hand Technology
- Durable
- Waterproof, All-weather Material
- Extra-Strength Adhesion
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Product Applications:

Lockport Silver Duct Tape is great for temporary to permanent home repairs, renovations, patching ripped office chairs and couches, reinforcing, insulation, taping cords, warts removal, taping handles on broken tools, contractor repairs, DIY projects, packing relief supplies, moving boxes, mailing cargo, wrapping packages, outdoor and automotive repairs, and much, much more!


Waterproof, Easy-Tear, No Residue Heavy Duty Silver Duct Tape

This multi pack comes in bulk of 5 at an affordable price: amazing value for money! This set will provide you with 5 rolls of premium quality heavy–duty duct tape which are water–resistant and residue–free. This 5–Roll Multipack of Heavy Duty Adhesive gives you 150 yards of high quality duct tape ideal for sealing, waterproofing, hanging plastic sheets, and other emergency repairs. Lockport’s grey duct tape has tear–by–hand material which makes our tape rip nicely without the need for scissors. This ULTRA–STRONG grip leaves no residue behind when removed! Each roll measures 2 inch x 30 yards which is a total of 150 yards in each package. Lockport’s silver duct tape strength and quality are backed by scientific research. We ensure that each tape roll meets our high–quality standards and is worthy of hard–working Americans’ requirements.